Hold on to Your Seat! | Review of Restorations by Charles Strickler

From the Publisher:

“A fast-paced thriller that puts the pedal to the metal from page one, Restorations, the highly-anticipated series by Charles Strickler starts off with a bank robbery and a car chase, and the action doesn’t slow down there. The car in question is a 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Boattail Roadster and it’s almost 100 years past its prime when it resurfaces. Miles West, an investment banker who has veered off course after the death of his wife and parents, has no idea that the antique car he’s so enamored with may be the thing to give him a destination again.

Mysterious jewels, old gold pieces and a coded journal found in the car motivate Miles to dig into a very murky past. With the assistance of Bramley Ann Fairchild, the New York City auctioneer who abandoned her prestigious job at Christie’s to take care of her ailing mother in Miles’ farm town, Miles sets out on a breakneck adventure. The pair must evade a ruthless Mafia boss who seeks to acquire the car and the treasure for himself while resolving their own dramatic personal histories.

“This story is a mystery that reveals layer after layer as the reader is drawn deeper into the story,” Strickler says. “On one level there are four different restorations that occur: the restoration of a man, an antique car, a lost fortune, and a family name. On another level, it is also a story about people overcoming adversity in small and large ways.

Fans of Steve Berry, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child will devour this suspenseful thriller.”

My Thoughts:

Restorations was one of the most fun and action-packed books I have read in a long time. I don’t always gravitate toward high-action novels, but this one was a winner!

The plot moves fast, and I was pretty much hooked from page one. I always love a novel where there is some detective work to be done, and Restorations checked all those boxes for me. An old car, an old house, bank robbers, mobsters and a ninety year-old mystery are all a part of this suspenseful tale.

Strickler does a nice job developing the characters and the imagery he describes is vivid and realistic. Miles West and Bramley Fairchild are real and relatable characters that are easy to root for.

The plot line was engaging and fast-paced throughout. There was literally no lag time in this book whatsoever. I found myself turning page after page because, I couldn’t wait to find out how the story would unfold.

I found myself fully invested in both the characters and the story from the start. Overall, this was a highly enjoyable read for me. Definitely a good one for fans of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child!

Thank you so much to Smith Publicity for this free review copy!

Rating: 4/5

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